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*** Rewire Your Brain for Fat Loss, to Effortlessly Lose Weight!***

Do you really WANT to be a forever dieter?

Finally, a one of a kind, step by step solution, customized so you can change what's keeping YOU from losing weight!
(Based on your specific needs & what's driving you.)

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More about our proprietary "No Diet Method"...

How Much Does The Diet Free Life Cost?

This is the burning question for many folks that land on this website.  There are three levels you can sign up for...

You can purchase access to the online program so that you have 24/7 access to everything for $597.  

Remember you can go through the program by attending/watching the training on our private FaceBook page at no cost, this just allows you to view and go through the content 24/7.  I will have a link to come to live trainings you may attend that takes you through the program.

  • Bronze if you are great at doing things on your own, and don't need much feedback.  You will get 2 months personal coaching time via Skype (or phone if you prefer) to provide that personal support you will need at the beginning.  After the 1st 2 months you will still get unlimited help through our private FB group.
  • Silver if you are pretty good doing things on your own, but would like to have help and encouragement with one-on-one coaching during the 90 day program.
  • Platinum if you know you need lots of encouragement to get through the program & you want to keep on track for a full 6 months to insure you make the life changes necessary for success.  If you have a lot of past trauma that still bothers you, then you KNOW you need to be a Platinum client.  We will spend time removing the negative feelings you have about your past experiences.  Don't worry though, I can help you even if you don't want to tell me what happened in your past!

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You need to watch the webinar, to understand what it's all about and can sign up for the coaching level that is right for you.  Please note that this class started May 16th 2017, so you will go on a waiting list for the next class that may not be until summer 2018. (I only teach one class at a time.)

The Platinum level is an all out, full support, you are going to win at this, level, but watch the webinar and/or join the private FaceBook page to see what is best for you.

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**100% Money Back Guarantee - If you work on the modules every week, and use the tools included in the program, you will absolutely lose weight, and you will have all the tools you need to never need to diet again.  If you do not lose any weight in 90 days, after doing all the modules, I will refund what you paid for the course.  (The cost of any private session upgrades is not refundable.)