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"Living Free Technique"™ = Stress Relief

"Living Free Technique"™

Below is an excerpt out of my Living Free programs.  I provide this here to give you a glimpse of how I work, and understand the "Living Free Technique"™ process.

Play the video below to understand how to use the Living Free Technique

Integrating the "Living Free Technique"™

Below is just a basic explanation of the "Living Free Technique"™ and how it was created.  How I use it when using Mind Movies is different than how I use it during one-on-one sessions I have with clients.  When working one-on-one, I can use specific details your subconscious is using to upset you, and we make sure you don't just bring the stress level to zero, but you have changed your subconscious memory so that it has a positive ending to play in the future.

Trying to fully explain the technique is like trying to explain how to drive a car to someone who has only seen them from the outside.  It easier to teach as the person is experiencing what happens with the car as you do different things.  You only use the windshield wipers when you are washing the window or it is raining outside, for instance.

I have a giant "tool box" that I use when working with people.  I have spent 100's of hours in live training seminars, online seminars, DVD training and I have read 100's of books and articles to develop the "Living Free Technique"™ and the "No Diet Method"™ system.

Touch and Release

I have created the Touch and Release method for stress relief.  It is largely based on my training in FasterEFT, but I have adapted it to work with my "Living Free Technique."™   (I found when people were upset, they would tap too hard and bruise themselves.)  When I have you touch certain areas on your face or collar bone, or grab your wrist, I am doing this to interrupt the pathway your brain uses to send a stress signal to your internal organs.  (You watch a scary movie, your brain sends a signal to increase your heartbeat and triggers the fight or flight response.)

When you suddenly enter a stressful situation, like maybe you are driving in a bad storm, your brain sends signals throughout your body to prepare you for any potential doom your conscious and subconscious mind comes up with.  Most of the time, these signals do not keep you safe from the perceived threat, but actually makes things worse because you feel tense and focus on how you are feeling instead of focusing on positively getting through the situation.

Below is a FasterEFT chart, showing the touch points, but often I will simply have you cover your eyes or put your hands on your chest.  Our sole purpose is to stop the stressed response the subconscious is sending to the body organs, and use your words and thoughts to speak new programs to your subconscious mind.  

 Benefits of using Touch and Release

This program will teach you how take control of the negative subconscious programs that are running in the background that are causing your body to feel stress, and ultimately causing health issues, weight issues and sometimes anger or depression.

You will learn how to change your focus and interrupt the automatic stress signal your brain is sending to your internal organs, and how to change the negative messages running through your mind while speaking the things YOU want to say, in order to send a better message to your subconscious.

Gratitude - You decide where to give it

Using the Touch and Release system along with changing your reaction to stressful events, both past, present and future, will relieve the stress in your life and naturally cause you to feel gratitude.  You decide where you want to place the gratitude you feel.  You can thank God, Universe, Allah etc.  Expressing gratitude releases chemicals in your body that make you feel good, and thus relieves stress.

What I Believe

Just so you know, I believe in God, and I believe that God created our bodies in a miraculous way. I believe that when we use various resources to heal ourselves, we are merely using tools that God already provided for us to use.  

For example, the Wright brothers didn't create a way to fly, birds were already doing that.  They simply utilized what had already been created by God already, to enable humans to be able to fly too.  

I will not talk about God or my spiritual beliefs in the core modules.  I do provide optional modules for those who wish to integrate prayer and discover Biblical truths that apply to what I am teaching.

Please watch the video below that demonstrates how you can use the Living Free Technique for stress relief and for changing your subconscious programs.  I use Mind Movies software to create my movies.  We will talk about creating your own Mind Movies a few weeks down the road if you join the program.

The Living Free Technique works, period.  

But.... it only works when you USE it!

Below are some suggestions for using the "Living Free Technique."™  Sometimes we get so involved in our issues, that we can't remember how to solve them.  Below is a good way to prep yourself before using the Living Free mind movie.

  1. Identify the issue - not "my mom is dying" but what about mom dying is causing you stress.
  2. What about the scenario stresses you the most?
  3. Why are you stressing over this? (may be the same answer, but worth asking)
  4. What sensations are occurring in your body, due to your thought-life about your issue
  5. Always have a "happy place" you can go to.  (Imagine a happy past memory or being on the beach etc.)

After answering the questions above, you now have clarity on what you are going to release.

Why touch and release?  

Well, the answer is twofold.  Science has shown that when someone feels an emotion, the brain uses pathways in our bodies to send the sensations to parts of our bodies.  Sometimes we touch to interrupt the signals the subconscious brain is sending to your body parts.  Touching also helps break your focus on your thoughts and gets you focused on what you are saying.  (Your subconscious is listening and recording!!)

Why go back and forth from feeling bad and feeling good?

It is very important that you have a "peaceful place" prepared to go to.  I go to the beach, feel the warmth of the sand and imagine my sweetie next to me.  I hear the ocean waves and feel wonderful enjoying nature without any work obligations.  I totally get "into it" and drum up the good sensations to release good endorphins into my body.

When you go from focusing on bad sensations and then good sensations, you are showing your subconscious that you know what is there and that YOU are in control of what you think and feel.  Again, your subconscious records everything you see, hear, think and feel.  The things you feel the strongest, it records as something important to remember.  This is why we end by feeling good and purpose to add GREAT emotions to feeling good about what you are working to release.  ("Mom is dying, it really is okay" is what you want to install in your subconscious so that your life is peaceful and you can bring that peace to your mom and others that haven't learned how to find peace.)

Why say you are "safe to let this go" etc.?

Because your subconscious believes you need to be in a state of stress, it is saying basically, "danger!" and you want to remind your subconscious and your body that you are safe to let this go.  (ie. Your mom isn't going to live longer just because you are flipping out!  But your mom will be happier to be around you if you are peaceful and NOT flipping out. Or the traumatic event from your past is no longer happening to you now, you don't need to stay stessed over this memory, you can now let it be a thing of the past.)

Why create "fake" mind movies?

Because your mind has been playing "fake" movies that upset you for years already.  (Yes, playing traumatic events from the past, today, is playing fake movies.  Unless it is happening right now, it is not real at this moment.)   Why not create "fake" movies that your subconscious can use to make you feel good inside?

The Past -  If you play movies of past memories, you are creating them now.  You are not in the past, focusing on negative events from the past only brings what is NOT real now to your present moment.  You now have the opportunity to change your negative perceptions about your past, and give your brain a new movie with a better ending.

The Present -  Okay, so what is happening right this moment?  THIS is the present, not what happened a few minutes ago and not what will happen in the next 5 minutes.  Anything else you create in your mind is a "fake" movie you are creating.  You have a choice, again, to change your perceptions about what is going on in your life.  Is the stress you are feeling helping to solve this issue?  I didn't think so.  Do you think if you didn't feel stressed, you would feel better and others around you would feel better?  (There are some positive people that make me feel better, just by being around them.)

The Future -  There can be no argument that if you are projecting doom and gloom on your future, you are creating "fake" movies in your mind!  The future is NOT here yet!!  So, why not create a GOOD movie for your subconscious to play again and again?   Will playing the bad movies prevent what you fear?  No.  Will playing positive movies about how you are going to positively react in the future help you feel better now?  Will it better prepare you for the future?  Yes!  By the time you get to the future, if the "event" you fear comes about, your subconscious has already "been there, done that" and knows you will get through it just fine.

Blinking - Why do I add blinking your eyes into the Mind Movies?  Well, there is no scientific proof this does anything at all, but people I know have seen amazing results using it.  It doesn't hurt anything, and if it helps, then I am all for it!  If nothing else, it is just another distraction to confuse your subconscious mind so that it lets go of the negative hold it has on your feelings.

Excerpt from an article about blinking to feel better:

The only eyelid blinking release therapy I know of currently is Rapid Eye Technology (RET), which has been around since the mid 1980s but is just now becoming mainstream therapy for PTSD and a number of other stress disorders including anxiety, phobias, trauma, and others. The technique is non-invasive, extremely low stress, and fast. Many people experiencing RET remark that it feels too easy to be effective – but then their symptoms are gone and don’t return, so they have to admit it worked for them.

Camille Browning, an RET therapist from Gadsden, Alabama, recently wrote,  “My brother-in-law is a war veteran. I did 15 minutes of RET on a bad memory he had of his war experience. He told me later that the issue was totally clear and that he was able to come off of 3 of his medications after that.”

As research into the brain-eyelid blinking associations continue, I suspect we will learn more about why Rapid Eye Technology works so well for so many people. It is currently thought of as a complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapy, but I suspect it won’t be long before it is thought of as standard treatment for a number of stress-related disorders and conditions.

"Living Free Technique"™ Mind Movie

Below is an excerpt out of my Living Free programs.  I provide this here to give you a glimpse of how I work, and understand the "Living Free Technique"™ process.
In the "Mind for Success" program I also have videos that just have me guiding you, without the "Mind Movies" video.

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